About WOH


Company Introduction

Welcome to Woh Medical! Woh Medical Co., Ltd. Is located in Taipei Neihu Technology Park and presenting several world-renowned brands. Our managers are all well-experienced in this field over decade. Woh Medical are specialized in marketing, distributing, managing of dermal filler hyaluronic acid injector, aesthetic medical devices/consumables, laser/light-based technologies, surgical imaging system, diagnostic system, and cosmetics in Taiwan market. By specialty division, we provide hearty and professional services to our customers.

Woh Medical is composed by three business units – Medical Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery and Health Care. The Medical Aesthetics division is dedicated to lasers, body contouring devices, radio frequency and IPL, injectable dermal fillers. The Plastic Surgery division is dedicated to breast implants and surgical imaging system. The Health Care division provides ultrasound diagnostic system, spirometer etc.

Our purpose is to deliver an excellent experience in our service. To achieve so, we carefully choose and introduce cutting-age products from Asia, Europe and the United State. By launching and boosting brand awareness of these products, we turn our values into customers’ competitive advantage. This make Woh Medical become doctors favorite partner.

The core philosophy of Woh Medical: “Innovation, Integrity and Sustainable Operation”. To keep up with rapid development of the market and stay competitive, we wish to achieve “the Best marketing Team in Medical field”. By creating the needs and provide the best services to our clients consistently and through our strong connection between original equipment manufacturer and the customers, we established a full supply chain for prolong competition advantage and create all kinds of new opportunities of medical market in Taiwan.

What We Do


Best Business Partner

  • Achieve Sales Targets.
  • Build up Brand reputation.
  • A perfect Interactions between our KOL & original equipment manufacturer.

Market Leader

  • Creative Marketing Strategy.
  • Keep introducing up-to-date technologies to customers.
  • To create new topics, let the product speaks for themselves. Lead the state-of-art technology become a trend and fashion in the market.

Grow with customers, develop market together

  • Customize marketing strategy for individual customer.
  • Fully Support for better result and the diversity of applications.
  • Assist doctors in clinical research.

Our Team

  • Over 95% of our team members, including sales, technicians, marketing specialist and clinical trainers, are graduated from medicine, science and technology related field with complete profiles.
  • We devote our full passion for new technology in medical field, and will take these technologies to the best state with consistent study and practice.
  • With sales and marketing team create topics on the market together, we break sales records.
  • Having a fully, comprehensively knowledge of medical industry.
  • Continue to supporting each and every customers.


Anderson Wu, the founder of Woh Medcial Co., Ltd. established ARK Medical Co., Ltd., introducing various kinds of laser-based systems from all over the world, leading the laser market of medical esthetics in Taiwan into the state of mature development in only 5 years.

Mr. Anderson, founded Woh Medical and position this firm to the most professional Medical Aesthetics management team. The managers of Woh’s team comes from medical and esthetic related field and had over 10 years’ experience in this industry. Plus, they all have well-connected reactions with physicians from clinics, regional hospital and medical center, especially in dermatological specialist, plastic surgeons and medical esthetic field.

To become the most professional marketing team of medical devices, we develop laser-based systems for facial treatment and body contouring devices at the same time, furthermore, we extend to preventive medicine. We devoted to introducing the high quality devices and consumables to medical institutions. Our business partners throughout the United States, Israel, Great Britain, France, Italy, Costa Rica, and Korea etc. Our goal is to become the most professional and powerful marketing team for medical equipment and consumables in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The product line, which covers preventive healthcare, aesthetic medicine, and healthcare pathways integrates the whole supply chain. In addition to sales, Woh Medical will go further and devoted in academic medicine and industrial development.

Business strategy

By creating different new topics and increasing market acceptance with market demands, we develop exclusive marketing strategies for each medical devices and delegated products. We assist our customers in understanding the development trends of international markets by purchasing the most suitable devices. Meanwhile, with such efforts to create customer-end demands, develop efficient marketing strategies, and diversify vertical integrations, we look forward to developing a win-win situation for Woh Medical and our customers in which the customers increase both their market competitiveness and profits.

Competitive Advantages

The market changing rapidly due to trend of globalization, the key to success and profit is competitiveness. The most competitive advantage of Woh Medical are “talents, products and services.”

Regarding to talent cultivation, we value the importance of fostering talents and expect to steadily and confidently train the managements from the very beginning level. We not only offered nice working environment and space to grow, we also have strong team spirit, and valued greatly to outstanding talents and partners.

In the aspect of services and marketing management, we cultivate a high-efficient sales team and a professional marketing department in order to know better of market trends and build an integrating information platform. Through healthy communication and coordination, as well as professional clinical education and international clinical experience sharing, we look forward to optimizing mutual trust between Woh Medical and our customers to improve our service efficiency.

In terms of devices and products, Woh Medical’s market research team complies closely with market trends and observes future trends as it proactively introduces medical products with innovative medical devices. We encourage our customers to work together with our marketing team on new products research and to share clinical experiences, in order to build more comprehensive marketing plans. Get all the products ready before their launching, thus to have less obstacles but more potentials once the products enter the market.

Woh Medical not only “provide” the products, but also “create” more value on both tangible and intangible aspects.

Business Scope


Aesthetic medical equipment for lasers, intense pulsed light and radio-frequency devices.


HA fillers and skin care products.


Body contouring and
3D simulation system


Medical diagnostic equipment and surgical instruments

Services Only for you

  • Keeping abreast of the latest trend from domestic and international esthetic market. Absorbing new information and keep our leading position in the market.
  • Our team engages proactively in clinical education and acts as a platform in which medical experts and manufacturers can learn and make good progress mutually. We also works very hard on refining our products and their clinical practices, as well as improve treatment outcomes.
  • Through flexible access of different media combinations, we aim to build a professional brand image, develop value-added products and increase brand loyalty.
  • Woh Medical is your best partner and our team are always here for you, 24 hours a day, 7days a week, and 365 days a year.

For more product information, please contact us
E-mail: info@wohmedical.com