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LIFEVIZ® INFINITY*: One system. Countless possibilities.

A portable imaging system for the face, body and breast Portability

The LifeViz® Infinity is a unique system with two acquisition modes. A tripod mounted camera and turntable quickly capture a 360° 3D body image. Eight images are automatically taken and seamlessly stitched to produce a ‘life-like’ 3D image of the body for visualization by the physician and patient. In hand-held mode, the camera is capable of generating 3D images of face and breast to simulate procedures and photo-document before/after interventions, without blocking an entire exam room with cumbersome equipment.

Accurate & Reproducible

With a simple push of a button, adjust the dual beam pointers to the ideal distance for face, body or breast applications without the need for a repositioning device. In addition, the dual flash ensures reproducible lighting conditions over multiple visits and under varying conditions.

Quick & easy

In under three minutes, you can view and start to assess your patient’s needs for their face, body or breast. The LifeViz® system has been developed in close collaboration with practicing physicians to ensure that it fits smoothly into the physician’s workflow and can be used by the clinic staff.



Quickly obtain 360° body and breast measurements.
Get baseline measurements with one-click. Recommend suitable procedures.

Communicate with patients and ease treatment selection.
Use real-time simulation to align patient expectations with their anatomy.
Use your body contouring devices more effectively by quantifying expected volume change in advance.
Implant recommendations are generated automatically to adapt to the patient’s anatomy.
Reassure your patient with more comprehensive recommendations.



Accurately compare images before and after treatment

Visualize and quantify volume changes post treatment. Several visualization options are available to assess skin and shape (skin texture, clay, lighting options).
Improve your patient’s follow-up with 3D photodocumentation software that records volume changes, pigmentation and vascularization after treatment.


Assess skin conditions to make personalized treatment recommendations
Evaluate your patient’s skin health using multivariate analysis.

The report and 3D animations of specific areas provide reference tools to guide the physician and to communicate with the patient about the best æsthetic interventions.
Based on scores, recommend products and treatments by selecting them from your personalized catalog browser.
*Skin conditions assessment is not currently available to US customers.