3D LifeViz® systems

3D LifeViz® systems allows you to digitalize your consultations and communicate more effectively with your patients through 3D images. Portable and compact by design, each of our cameras achieves remarkable results for face, body and breast.

Earning the Best Aesthetic Device award four times, the 3D LifeViz® systems are recognized for their user-friendly, portable 3D photographic system tailored to specialists in aesthetics, plastic surgery, and dermatology.


Measure objectively – Treat efficiently


Compact, portable, and wireless, fitting in the palm of your hand for easy movement and space-saving.


Dual beam pointers and double flash for accurate, reproducible image capture, indicating ideal distance and ensuring consistent backgrounds in all lighting.


Complementary computer imaging technology allows seamless comparison of 3D superimposed images from two visits.

First WIFI integrated 3D photography system

The premium system offers real-time Wi-Fi image transfer, optimizing workflows, and delivering valuable time-saving benefits.


3D in pre-Op consultation

3D display

3D reconstruction images enable the viewing of patients from various angles and zoom levels for face, body, and breast. Ushering consultations into a new era with standardized before-after images.


Assess facial angles, measurements and ratios for the height and width. Obtain 360° measurements for body shaping and breast measurements for augmentation mammoplasty.


3D in pre-Op consultation


Reassure your patients and facilitate more comprehensive and harmonious outcomes. Quantify expected volume change in advance for facial rejuvenation, body contouring & breast surgery.

Skin Analysis

Evaluate skin health for the following criteria:

● Wrinkles

● Pores

● Oiliness

● Evenness

● Red spots / Brown spots

● Red map / Brown map


3D in post-Op consultation

Evaluation & Measurement

Achieve objective assessment and transparency in evaluating facial harmony, body slimming, and breast augmentation. Support all stages of the consultation process from the first visit to follow-ups.

Lifting (For face only)

Evaluate skin tightening and lifting in 3D. Assess the direction and distance of facelifts using color indicators.


3D in post-Op consultation

Volume assessment

Easily track results, visualize and quantify volume changes with a color map to illustrate your expertise and provides objective assessments.

Silhouette & slider

Overlay 3D pre and post operation images to easily portray before and after results. Slide between before and after images to reassure patients by allowing them to easily view changes.



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